Steel & Wood Surcharges

Supply chain dynamics since the second half of 2020 have impacted the availability and costs of transportation and certain raw materials, including but not limited to steel and wood. Many of McCormick’s field products, such as mixer carts, speaker carts, transport carts, backdrop bases, and front screens are made of steel and have become considerably more costly to produce. In some cases the cost of steel and wood has doubled---or more---since pre-pandemic levels.

We have been able to absorb some of these increases in raw material costs, but unfortunately must now pass them along in the form of a raw material surcharge on certain products. Effective with all orders received on or after May 1, 2021, the following surcharges will apply and be added to the regular price of the item:

Single Mixer Cart
Double Mixer Cart
Single Universal Speaker Cart
Double Universal Speaker Cart
Front Screen Frame
I-Frame Outdoor Rolling Backdrop Cart
Juicer Cart
McCormick's Colorguard Rifles

The above schedule will also apply to PA system packages that include these items; for example a Maestro system includes a Double Mixer Cart and two Single Speaker Carts, so the surcharge for a Maestro system would be $770.00 ($530.00 + $120.00 + $120.00 = $770.00)

We expect that over time the costs of raw materials will return to pre-pandemic levels, and as such we are not making these surcharges part of the product’s regular selling price. As our costs go down, these surcharges will also diminish. We hope to fully eliminate them later this year. We appreciate your understanding.