Top 5 Reasons to Buy Flags from McCormick's

1. You're getting a leader.
We have been making flags for a long time. And we make a lot of flags. To our knowledge there isn't anyone in the country who manufactures more colorguard flags than we do, so we must be doing something right. Anyone bigger than us? Please step forward.

2. Flags matter to us.
Flags are the first section of our printed catalog and the first menu item on our website. We're not a billboard company or T-shirt shop with a side business, and we're not a couple of guys in a garage doing this as a hobby. Our success depends on your success.

3. We employ a team of designers.
While other companies rely on independent contractors, our designers are year-round permanent employees. They work in our building and have daily interaction with our sales and service teams. This means fewer handoffs, more relevant work, and faster turnarounds.

4. We use better fabric.
There are lots of dye-sublimation fabrics out there, but only one printable Aeroflo. Our fabric comes from Japan, not China, and is made exclusively for us. It costs three times more than the commodity fabric other people use. It is smoother, quieter, more consistent, and takes ink beautifully. Better fabric makes better flags.

5. We do our own printing.
Other companies rely on third party vendors to print their flag fabric. We do it ourselves. We know that printing flags is not the same as printing signs or swimwear. Using our own equipment, we can directly manage color saturation, image sharpness, job scheduling, and production variables. We get more control, and you get better flags. Faster.