French Fountain Plume

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6" French Fountain Plume Black or White
$11.75Add to Cart
6" French Fountain Plume Color
8" French Fountain Plume Black or White
$12.50Add to Cart
8" French Fountain Plume Color
10" French Fountain Plume Black or White
$13.25Add to Cart
10" French Fountain Plume Color
12" French Fountain Plume Black or White
$14.25Add to Cart
12" French Fountain Plume Color
AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 2-4 weeks
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  • Available in sizes 6" through 12"
  • Available in Red (three shades), Burgundy, Maroon, Bright Royal, Royal, Copen Blue, Navy, Kelly Green, Emerald Green, Dark Green, Purple, Orange, Light Gold and Gold
  • Custom color matching is available
  • Add $0.25 per inch per plume for gold or silver Mylar interspersed
  • Add $5.25 per plume for dying the tips a different color
Custom color matching is available. Please call for details. All plumes are dyed utilizing the latest technology in water and mineral based dye products. Due to the nature of the dyes as they relate to the various raw materials, exact color matching and colorfastness is not guaranteed. All color feather plumes are a custom order and are not returnable.
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