Trombone Slide Covers

AVAILABILITY: Generally ships within 3-5 weeks
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  • Custom fitted to your specifications
  • Available in virtually any color and combination of colors
  • Design your own—use your school logo or just lettering in any font
  • Be creative; send your ideas for a FREE quote
  • Call us at 1-800-323-5201 to get started!
Show your school pride with McCormick's Trombone Slide Covers. Any design, lettering or color combination is possible!

Made of lightweight banner nylon, these covers wrap around the slide and velcro at the bottom.

Please specify the outside height of the slide and desired length when ordering.

"We have just received the trombone slide covers we ordered from you and they turned out great! Thank you for your help in designing the covers and getting them to us."
– Ryan S. Keller, American University (Washington, DC)
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